Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!!!!!!

We awoke to our boy coming in our room and telling my husband excitedly, "It's the eleventh! That means it's your Birthday, Papa!!" It was really cool because I did not even coach the boy to say that! I know it warmed my husband's heart to know that his boy remembered his birthday. We had fun taking our time and preparing for our Sabbath day. Arnie had to teach so he was preparing a lesson that involved shooting boxes with the slingshot and angry birds. I really wish I had had a teacher like Arnie. It would have been fun!

We put the baby down for her nap and we just got ready. Before we knew it is was time to load up and go to church. We made it again on time!! I am so excited! Even though we made it on time it was still pretty packed! We were just lucky that Sharon and her family saved us spots! It was a good meeting and I was glad that the kids made it without any major incidences! Our son keeps saying, "If I don't listen at church, no computer!" Sammy also defined a consequence as "when you get the computer taken away." He makes me laugh.

After the first meeting, we hurried and took Izzie to nursery because Sammy had to say the opening prayer in Primary! I was a little nervous about it because he refused to practice with us and he wanted to do it by himself. Okay. Here's hoping that he doesn't say anything crazy or un-prayer like. My husband had to go to his class so I was there, in the back waiting with anticipation for his big moment. And there he was. They called Sammy up and he rushed up to the front and squared the microphone in front of his mouth and said a quick, simple prayer and sat down. It was awesome! I was so incredibly proud of my boy.

Sammy's first primary prayer! He is awesome!

After the prayer I stuck around to hear my little neighbor girls give some talks and I got to sing primary songs with my boy. He kept looking back and smiling and giving me the thumbs up sign. I love him. And I love being his Mommy. There is nothing like the love of your child. Right now, I am one of the most important people in my son's world. I hope I will always be one of the important people in his life, but I know that I will only be one of the most for so long. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will enjoy it all that I can. I love when I can feel how much he loves me and how much my presence can just lift him and help him be happy, that everything is okay. I am so grateful that I have been able to experience so many different types of love. I have felt the love of my parents and siblings. I have felt the love of grandparents and other relatives. I have felt the love of friends. I have felt the love of my husband, my soul mate, my best friend. And now I also feel the love of both my children. I can feel it every time I pick them up and they hold me tighter. I feel it when they gaze into my face and smile. I just need to remember these things when it gets hard, when they are trying my patience, and when I don't know if I have any more to give.

I left and proceeded to my regularly scheduled classes. I love being able to sit for two hours a week just listening to lessons and comments about Christ and His Gospel. It really makes me happy. All too soon, it was time for choir practice. I was so nervous because it was time for me to sing in front of other people! Well, we got all settled and we started with the other song, a choral arrangement of "I Heard Him Come." It was pretty good, and we kept practicing singing it faster so we won't drag it out so much! And then it was time. They had Arnold and me stand in front of the whole choir in the chapel. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so nervous. I also worried that I wouldn't be able to hit some of the higher notes because I hadn't warmed up or sang much. My sweet husband grabbed my hand and scared me and I took courage. I opened my mouth to sing, and noise came out! It actually was good! My voice carried a lot more than I thought it would. And then I got through my part without going flat (I have to do my solo part a capella! yikes!) And my husband joined in and we did it! It was a great feeling to know that I did it! Hopefully I can draw on this experience as we prepare for the real thing! We must have done a decent job because the choir director was crying and had to stop the song to compose herself. I noticed that the tissues were getting passed around a little bit. It kind of made me glad because in the first meeting a woman with a beautiful voice sang the same song we were going to sing in choir! And everyone kept commenting on how great it was (it truly was!) and I just didn't want to be compared to someone like that. Anyways, it was awesome to get through it! Yay! We did it!

After choir we hurried to my brother and sister in laws house to celebrate my husband's and nephew's birthday with the extended family. It was great! We had some yummy teriyaki chicken and funeral potatoes (my sis in law makes these killer funeral potatoes! I get so excited every time she makes them! I am so excited for her annual Easter Party! There is ALWAYS good food and good fun!) and other tasty treats. We really enjoyed being with family and Sammy loved playing with his cousins. Izzie was struggling because she had not had any good naps! Daylight Savings really threw her off! It kind of threw us all off though. Before we knew it, it was time for us to go.

My husband had scheduled Home Teaching some of his people for that evening and we didn't want to miss it--the family is so fun! They have these BEAUTIFUL daughters and they are just so fun to be around. And they got a new puppy, Oakley, a Labro-Doodle! She was just the cutest thing! Whenever we are ready to have a dog (and believe me, it ain't happening while I have plenty of mouths to literally feed and bums to wipe!) I really want a Labro-doodle! They are hypo-allergenic and don't shed as well! How awesome is that? And they are little, which are my kind of dogs! We had fun playing football with the family and talking about all kinds of fun things. And we even got to chat with the neighbors who are also in our ward. I just love living in neighborhoods where we all know each other and are friends.

Here we are with friends and playing with their adorable dog! Izzie loved that dog! But she also was a little scared--she would run to the dog and then stop as close as she dared. She sure laughed a ton, though!

After the sun set we went home and put our poor, overly tired children to bed. I was glad to be able to celebrate my hubby's birthday day with him. He is so special to me. I still can't believe how I lucked out that he fell in love with me and chose to stick with me for the rest of this life and all eternity! I definitely feel as though I got the better end of the deal! I couldn't have ordered a better husband for myself and father for my precious children. He is a sweet, caring man who does his best to work hard for this family and give us all that we need--physically, mentally, and spiritually. He is a gentle man who knows each one of us and knows all of our needs. He knows how to soothe everyone in this family, and I hope he feels how much we try to take care of him too! Although I know that he does a better job of taking care of each of us. I love how brilliant he is. He is the smartest person I have ever met. And yet, he chooses not to showcase his brilliant mind or talents so he can make others comfortable and help raise them up. You will never see him tear any one down, no matter how well deserved it is! He knows that if others are busy tearing him down it is because there is something in that person's life that makes them seriously unhappy. And he chooses to try to make them happy, even if it is at his expense. That is the kind of man my husband is. That is the kind of person I can only hope to be. I hope just being around him will help me to be more like him. I love you, Arnold. Thank you for working so hard for me and our children. I may keep things running around here, but YOU are the heart and love that keeps this family so close. And I thank you for all that you do, seen and unseen. You amaze me with your humility, your depth, and your desire to provide and take care of not only us, but those around you! So, here's to another year! May it be better and better as the time goes by because you have proved that you are timeless, my love. Happy Birthday!

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