Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McDonald's Is So fun And Fish Tacos Are Yummy!

Yes! We made it to Tuesday! I love Tuesdays because they are my day off from lessons and school so we can just do what we want! Woot woot!

So, we took our time getting ready. There was a slight bummer about Tuesday though. Monday had been so nice! The sun had been out, the weather was warm, it felt like spring had come! One of Sammy's good friends, Caleb invited us to a picnic lunch at a park for Tuesday. Sammy was excited, I was excited (we have been wanting to get outside and enjoy the nice weather) and then, it happened. Tuesday was overcast and cold! It seriously felt like it was going to storm! We kept waiting for the weather to clear up as the time for our play date crept nearer and nearer! But it never did. However, Caleb's mom, Andrea, had the best idea! She suggested we go to a McDonald's Playplace. At first I was hesitant, but oh well, it would be fun with friends! When we got there, it was amazing! They had remodeled the play land and it was pretty clean, the play toy was three levels (which equals super fun!), there was an enclosed basketball hoop area, and a little toddler soft slide but the best part of all were they giant piano keys and guitar that made music when you played them with your feet or body! It was so cool! The kids loved it!

Izzie wanted so badly to play on the Play toy with Sammy that she crawled all the way up there by herself to find her brother! And then she didn't know how to get down! It was kind of cute how she was freaking out that she couldn't get out. Sammy and his friend Caleb helped her get out. She didn't venture into the playground too much after that! But she did love the toddler slide and the musical instruments! She laughed and laughed whenever she played them! I never got any good pictures of Sammy as he was in the playground so much!

Doesn't this just look like fun? Izzie loved it and Sammy loved it so much he is busy playing on the toy! We could only entice him out with food when he was hungry enough to eat it!

My most favorite part of the experience was when we were walking back to the car. I grabbed Izzie's hand but she wriggled her hand out of it because she didn't want to hold my hand....she wanted to hold Sammy's! She ran to Sammy, who was a few steps a head of her, and grabbed his hand. And he held it and led her to the car, so carefully, and protecting her in the parking lot. It was so sweet and it made me happy to know that they are friends. Even my friend Andrea noticed the exchange and told her son Caleb, "You should hold Adam's hand like Sam is holding Izzie's hand." It was a deeply needed good Mommy moment!

Later that day after Arnold had gotten home from work, I was finishing up our laundry--I did all of our loads and I had folded all of it!! I felt amazing! Because I spent so much time on our laundry I didn't have any dinner ready. You win some, you lose some, ya know? Anyways, My sister called and asked us if we wanted to go to Taco Tuesday with her after her yoga class. Well, we let the kids decide and no sooner had I uttered the words, Do you want to go and eat with Auntie at Taco Tuesday? The kids both started screaming and saying Yes!!!!! It was decided. So we were running a little late, we needed to get to Costco before it closed, and then we show up at Rubio's for Taco Tuesdays (Their tacos are $1.45 on Tuesday nights) and my sister isn't there. We grab a booth and wait. The kids had gotten a little crazy before we left so waiting at Rubio's was not going so well. They were escaping, crawling on our table, yelling and getting cranky. And truth be told, so was Mommy. Mommy was hungry, her kids had spent the last few hours yelling at her (or so it seemed) and now they were acting crazy and everybody kept looking at us (again, or so it seemed). When my sister finally called us to let us know she had gotten held up at yoga Mommy kind of snapped. Nothing too bad, but I will admit I was not as nice to my sister as I should have been. However, she showed up and we ordered our food and had fun! The kids really do love their Auntie and spending whatever time they can with her! She is awesome! Sammy even ate his whole fish taco so he could get a churro! Yum!

As we waited, Sammy let us briefly see into his mind and his thoughts. His wisdom is profound.

And then we went home and put the kiddos to bed and watched one of our new shows, New Girl with Zooey Deschanel! I just think it is so funny! Sometimes it is not a show I would watch with kids, but in every episode there is always a moment or a joke that makes us both laugh out loud for several minutes. Usually earning a rewind to watch it multiple times! Good times!

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  1. Did you tell your sister, "Yoganna be in trouble if you don't get here quick?"

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.