Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Awesome Sunday!

Oh man! I can't believe how my Sundays just keep getting better and better! Well, this Sunday was kind of nice because choir got moved to after church instead of 9:30am. So I slept in (a half hour more than usual) and then I got up and enjoyed preparing our crock pot dinner so it would be ready when church was done. I decided to make pork sandwiches with root beer BBQ sauce again since it was a big hit.

At one point we were able to relax before church and just watch our children dance and play with their toys that make music. They were just so cute together. These guys just love being with each other and having a party! I love it and I love them!!

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for church. I was really working hard to get to church before 10 till. And we did it! I got the kids ready, myself ready and everyone was in the car! Yes! I had my bag full of treats and food and sippy cups and coloring books and crayons and Friend magazines. You name it, I had it.

So we are sitting in the pew with our family and our friends who always save us seats and it was going pretty well. I don't know if you read my "I Am So Embarrassed" post but the previous Sunday did not go so well and my son was trying to redeem himself so he could earn his computer privileges back! He was really working so hard and being so good. He was quiet, he stayed in the pew (for the most part) and was pretty good. Izzie was a little more vocal but nothing too loud or even in the realm of crying. She just gets really excited about everything and likes to yell about it. She is loud. But it was okay. I could not believe what a difference this Sunday was going! I was just enjoying it and loving every blissful moment! I can't remember a Sunday that had been this good in a long, long time!

At one point in the meeting, I heard a noise behind me that sounded like a baby making one incredibly dirty diaper. So, I kind of turn to look because you can always tell which kid it was by the look on the parent's face. I have made the look myself a few times and I just like knowing that there is someone else out there worried about poopy diapers. And as I look I realize that the sound came from the pew my good friends, who are also my piano students and voice teacher, are occupying. One of their kids had thrown up! Oh no! I felt so bad and I could feel how much they were trying to figure out what to do next. And the thought came into my mind--give them my baby wipes and some sort of baggie to put the dirty wipes in. I kid you not, the thought crossed my mind and the next thing I know I am telling the kid behind me to hand my wipes and a bag behind them to this family. I don't think anyone really knew that someone had thrown up. They did a great job of catching it in my friend's jacket (it will definitely need to be dry cleaned) and that poor kid was holding his hands over his mouth pretty well. And I just calmly handed that back without explaining what to do with it--they knew exactly what to do! I was happy that I was able to help in some small way. Sometimes when I feel as though I should help I worry that my idea may be dumb or not needed. It was nice to feel as though it was helpful. I would hope for the same kind of help if I were in that situation.

After that it was time for those who wanted to bear testimony to do so. The past week and the overwhelming parenting moments stood out to me and I felt as though I should get up and bear testimony of the love I felt from my Heavenly Father this week. I guess what I had taken out of the past crazy week was how much my Heavenly Father loves me. I had a hard week--definitely not the hardest week anyone has ever had, but still very trying for me nonetheless. And I realized that my Heavenly Father had helped me as best he could by sending people to help me (my friends who found my kids on the road and brought them home in less than 10 minutes), to say the right things when I needed to hear them (friends reassuring me that it was okay that my kids were more rambunctious than pretty much anyone else's children) and putting things in my path that would calm me and help me to feel love from Heavenly Father and to love and cherish my children when I felt like I had nothing left. My Heavenly Father never ceases to amaze me, it makes me feel as though he is saying, "Celi, I know you. I see you. I'm trying to help you the best I can, but you're doing okay. You can do it! Keep going!" I hope others can feel that same love I do, because I know Heavenly Father loves everyone, not just me. I also am amazed that sometimes my comfort comes from helping others. Just when you think you don't have anything more to give, but you manage to muster something up for someone else, sometimes that is just what you need to make YOU feel better. It sounds like it wouldn't work, but it totally does! How crazy is that?! God is good. There just isn't any other way around it.

I was also touched that my son saw me getting a little teary and he ran up from the pews to give me some tissues! He is so sweet. After I said my testimony, I sat down and my son wanted to go up, so after a few people, my son and husband went up. They were approaching the microphone but then I heard my son say, "No Daddy! You go up by yourself!" My husband, so brave, gets up there not expecting to talk himself, but he is so amazing! He found something to say and it was great. He talked about our hard week and how my son teaches him all the time. He talked about how Sammy's computer restriction taught him about our Heavenly Father and how when we get some of our privileges taken away through our own actions, that our Father has to work harder to help us. He doesn't take them away to hurt us, but to help us be better, stronger. We also can take the opportunity to spend more time with our Heavenly Father and build that relationship with him. For instance, this week we played more games with Sammy and read more books than I can remember doing, simply because we had to take the computer away. It was fun and a great opportunity to get to know our son and enjoy his personality. I was so proud of him for bearing his testimony. I always enjoy knowing what my husband is thinking and feeling. He is a great man.

After that, Sammy didn't want to come down because he wanted to bear his testimony, so they had to wait for other people to go. and when he got up he talked about how much he loves to read the Book of Mormon. I love that kid and he sure does love his Book of Mormon. Sometimes I don't think that I have done much, that it was all pre-wired in him. I hope this continues for him throughout his life.

After the meeting was over we went to our classes and before I knew it the third hour had come around and it was time to practice with the Young Women. We have our performance this upcoming Wednesday and this is it! Unfortunately, something got changed in the music last minute, and I am now having trouble with the transition. The problem is that my music isn't even good anymore, it is just an outline of what to do. I am totally doing this by feel, but I am having trouble feeling this new revision! Hopefully I can get it by Wednesday! I also got teary talking to the young women to encourage them to put their sweet spirits into what they were singing. Sometimes songs aren't impactful because of the notes or music--it's the spirit you bring to it. That's what touches the soul. And as I was trying to explain that to them, their goodness just overwhelmed me and I was all choked up! I am such a cry baby sometimes!

After that, I was asked to share an experience with the same young women about overcoming obstacles. One of my friends, Gina (who I saw the Vow with the previous night) asked me about how I learned how to play piano and she just loved the story. I thought I would share it because this blog is also about music. So here it goes.

I have always loved the piano. I can remember begging my parents to let me take lessons years before they ever got me lessons. They wanted me to wait until I was eight years old. So I begged and waited and begged. Finally, I was able to get piano lessons. A few years after when I was a teenager, my family hit some financial difficulties and one of the things that had to be cut were my piano lessons. I was at a pivotal point in my training where if I could continue, there was a big chance that I could be very good at playing the piano if I just stuck with it, with the right teacher. And man, I had the best teacher! But she was also very expensive. So, we quit and I tried my hardest to keep teaching myself, and it just wasn't going as well as I had hoped. So behind my parents' back I called my piano teacher out of the blue and explained my situation to her and begged her to take me on for free! Looking back, I can't believe I did this! And I am sure she thought I was the craziest kid because that is what I would think if a student did that to me! Well, I guess even crazier than me was the fact that she actually agreed to take me on for free! But of course, there were a few stipulations. First, I had to practice. The moment I stopped practicing and she could tell, the lessons would be over, the deal was null and void. Second she told me that I needed to help those who needed a pianist, whenever I could when possible. So, we continued that way. And then I got a job. She talked to me about revising my deal. She explained that now that I had a way to make money, I needed to pay her. I was worried, because I knew I couldn't afford her price! And then she said that she would charge me $10 a lesson! She told me that she knew my lessons and our deal would mean even more to me if I had to sacrifice some of my hard earned money. It was incredible! I agreed and that is how it went. She kept teaching me until the day I went to college and the first year I came home from it as well. She was awesome, and what an incredible impact her decision to help me has made on my life. I never would have met my husband because I was hired at our work place as a music specialist. I wouldn't be able to work and make some extra money because I can do this job from home and work less because I make more than minimum wage. And the list and list of blessings that have occurred in my life is endless. Music has shaped my life totally and completely.

Of course sharing that story made me teary too! I felt like the biggest crying mess at church this Sunday, but it felt great. I was so happy. After church we had choir and it was exciting and I totally chickened out of singing the solo this week. I will do it next week. We opted to work on the choir parts instead!

Than we went home and made dinner and my sister came over! The food was so yummy and being with family is always a highlight for me! I can't believe what a difference a week can make! I just love Sundays!

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