Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am So Embarrassed!

Mommy and Sammy posing for the camera between cookie batches

Sunday started out great. We had a fun Saturday night and we had a busy Sunday lined up for ourselves. The kids were ok, except that during the night we had to wake up a few times to change Izzie's diaper because she has a majorly bad diaper rash. That poor little bum is raw because something in her poop is roughing her little bum up. So, I was a little tired, but I had to get going.

I had to get ready and go to choir practice and then after choir I had to go visiting teaching. During choir my friend suggested that I sing a solo in one of the songs since I never get to sing because I am playing piano! Again, I had a panic attack but I am trying to develop my vocal talents and part of that is overcoming my anxiety about performing in public. Later, I realized that this would be a great opportunity because I can sing a solo for two lines and then I would be able to duet with my husband and then hand the rest of the song over to the choir! So, I think I am going to do it! I still am nervous, but I think I can do it!

After choir I rushed to my friend's house. I was glad to talk about spiritual things with friends and just enjoy in each others company. And we made a date to go and see the movie, The Vow on the upcoming Saturday! I am so excited! I love having friends that I get to spend time with! It is so awesome!

After I got home the baby was asleep (thank goodness) so she would be happy at church! And since we were going to be doing some visits with my husband we had the idea to make sugar cookies in the shape of hearts to take to our visit. Sammy had been begging to make cookies for a while and it seemed like the perfect time to do so. So, my husband and son started the dough and when I arrived home I threw on an apron and we got those suckers done!

Sammy, Daddy, and Mommy had so much fun making cookies! It was definitely a hit!

We had fun but the cookies cut our time short on preparing for church. So we had to scramble around to get the Sunday clothes on and the bag together with treats and toys. Somehow, we made it! And it helped that we have friends who save seats for us so they can be with us! So, things were pretty good, the kids were happy. And then it happened. I don't know what, but something put Sammy in one of his moods where he doesn't want to listen to anything we say and he was determined to do everything opposite of what we wanted. This doesn't happen a lot. But man, when it does, he sticks to it!

My awesome husband is the only one able to fully handle Sammy when he is determined to get away. So, he was on Sam duty while I tried to distract and entertain the baby. The only problem was that the baby noticed that all of Daddy's attention was on Sammy, so she only wanted to be held by Daddy! So, we are in our church pew, my husband is holding our daughter in his arms while my son is attempting to crawl out of our pew. However, my husband has the wriggling Sammy between his legs and is doing everything humanly possible to keep him in the pew! At one point Arnie has to quickly give me the baby so he can grab Sammy before he fully escaped! But alas, he did. At first he stayed in the aisle and we tried not to do anything to distract those around us because every time we attempted to get him in the pew, he started making a fuss. And then he kept creeping down the aisle to the front, closer and closer until he was on the stand. At that point we knew we were in major trouble.

You see, we have had much experience in the antics of our oldest son and his ability to subterfuge attempts to corral him to do what we want. Oh man. We knew the moment we stood up to grab him he would run, all over the stand in front of the whole church! And it would be loud, distracting, and more embarrassing than it already was! At least at the moment he was sitting in a chair quietly, in front of everybody. And to be perfectly frank, he was behaving better up there than he was in the pew below with his family. So, my husband and I both knew what our first attempt to get him down would be--ignore him and deny him the reaction we knew he was trying to get from us. So we both tried our hardest not to look at him. I noticed when he did catch us looking he would grin really big and start bouncing up and down. okay. Don't look at him! And so it went for 20 minutes. Each second that ticked by became more and more unbearable! I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I thought I would die! At one point I was so frustrated with the situation that I had angry tears falling down my face. I cry when I get upset. Lame, I know.

At one point he started walking from one side to the other. Oh please just come down, I was thinking over and over in my head. Never in the whole time we had been in this ward had anyone had their kids do what my son was doing! WHY?! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE MINE?! Mercifully, my child came closer to the stairs and when he wasn't looking my husband rushed in and he got my son before he even knew what got him! He was not happy for the rest of the meeting but thankfully, we only had a few minutes left. Oh man. I was thinking in my head, that kid is mine when we are at home after church is over!!

I will admit that my head hung a little lower as I tried to avoid everyone on our way to drop Sammy off at Primary and my Izzie at her Nursery class. I did think it was kind of funny that the teenage boys kept telling Sam how cool it was that he was up there and asking him whether he had fun. When we got to Primary, Sammy's sweet teacher from the previous year stopped me and mentioned how much she enjoyed Sammy up there. I told her that I am glad that she enjoyed it because I certainly was struggling about it. And she proceeded to calm me down and reassure me that every parent has these moments and that most parents don't have kids as special and energetic as Sammy. Her words and reassurances touched my wounded heart. I immediately teared up and thanked her for helping me to feel better.

As I was leaving another sweet woman told me how much she enjoyed Sam. I again told her how I was so embarrassed! I couldn't believe that we had to go through this! And she recounted some tough moments for her and made me feel as though I was not alone. It really humbled me to hear these women who I admire so much, reaching out to me to help me not feel badly about the whole incident and to stand back and laugh. Or try to laugh later.

As I walked to my class I had a lot of comments in passing or looks that were so kind and encouraging. It really buoyed me up. So, I felt better and that helped me focus on the lesson in Sunday school. During our lesson, our teacher asked if we had every felt uncomfortable in a room or any sort of experience like that. Nobody really shared anything and I had the previous day's experience at the master class pop into my head. So, I raised my hand and shared it. Everyone thought it was so funny since my voice teacher is in our ward and was sitting in that class. And after my quick experience our teacher commented on how anyone would feel uncomfortable in that situation, and one of the men in the class piped up, "That's how we all feel in Isaac's presence!!" and the whole room just dissolved in laughter. It was pretty funny.

After Sunday school, it was time to rehearse with the Young Women. I really enjoyed playing for them and just playing the song and hearing the words helped bring my spirits up even higher. I love it!

When we were done with that, I headed to Relief Society. And then before I knew it, church was over. I went to a food committee meeting that I signed up for. We were planning the food for an upcoming activity. Someone brought up the idea of doing Hawaiian Haystacks. Well, the Filipino woman sitting next to me and myself instantly became the "experts" on Hawaiian food even though we are both not Polynesian! However, we both knew enough between ourselves what to do. It took a little while but we pretty much got things squared away. I am excited for this activity!

After the meeting, my waiting family and I rushed home to frost cookies and hurry to our home teaching appointment. We made it and were able to visit with some good friends of ours. We had a blast sharing funny stories about our families. It was good to get to know them in such a funny way. We laughed so hard that we had tears coming out of our eyes and we were tired. It was so great. I was really glad that we got to share those moments together.

When we were done we went home and had some left over pizza. We still had not had the chance to talk to our son about how badly he had behaved. So, we talked with him and decided that his computer privileges would be taken away for a week. He was really sad about that. However, my husband and I both felt that this behavior could not be tolerated and that he needed to know that consequences happen. So, here it goes. A week with no computer. I know that will be tough on me because my babysitter will be gone as well! Bye bye, computer! We will miss you!

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