Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watering Wednesday

On Wednesday we woke up and we didn't have anything until the afternoon when Sammy would go to preschool, so we decided to watch Toy Story 3. ***If you have not watched Toy Story 3, please skip to the next paragraph*** Well, we watched the whole movie and we had gone through the whole going to college part and the Toys at the Day Care, their escape and trip to the dump and we were near the end when the Toys are given by Andy to Bonnie before he drives away into the sunset to college. As he was driving away and the Toys are watching him go, I tear up (every single time without fail I will tear up at this point!) and I am holding Sammy because he wanted to "love" me(right now loving is also another word for hugging) and I say, "Oh, Sammy. Someday you will grow up and go to college, too!" And he looks at me and cocks his head to the side questioningly and replies, "And be garbage?!" It was exactly what I needed to get me out of my little funk. You know, the funk when you realize that your babies, as crazy as it may seem, are going to grow up? Anyways, it was hilarious and I love that boy. He is the cutest, best boy in the world! :)

Well, after that we got going and got Sammy off to school and Izzie to her nap so we could be prepared for our day of lessons. Piano lessons went great! During my first lesson, my son decided he wanted to water the plants outside. I don't like him being outside alone and especially bringing water from the house to the outside because I usually have a watery mess to clean up, so I told him that after my lesson we could water plants before my next students came. So after the lesson we filled up the watering can and he loved it! He has been so excited to plants seeds and give them "love and sunshine to grow!" Every time we go out side that is what I hear! He is such a sweet, tender boy.

My students passed their songs and did great! However, I had a really funny moment with one of my newest students. She has had two lessons so far and this was her third. She was doing great and at the end she asked me, "So, do I have to hold the notes down with my fingers? If I hold it with the {damper} pedal it is so much easier!" I started laughing because I have never had a student on their third lesson ask such an advanced question! That and it kind of defeats the purpose of learning how to play and practice the piano if you don't have your fingers do the work! She is one smart cookie and I sure think the world of that girl! She is awesome!

After her lesson, I was through and I needed to go upstairs to make some dinner before I had to go to a church meeting with the young women. I hurried and tried to make something as fast as I could and got myself ready to go. While I was upstairs getting things together, I was able to watch my cute daughter and husband spending some quality Daddy/daughter time together.

I was so excited to play for the young women, since Sunday had been pretty exciting. But I knew this time would be a lot better. I had actually a) watched and heard the video of how the song should sound, b) practiced, and c) figured out additional chords and rhythms to make the song sound more like the original. When I showed up, two of the girls came with bongos and egg shakers and all kind of fun percussion instruments to add to the song. Oh man! It was so awesome! It sounded so awesome! I am excited to practice with them in the upcoming weeks leading up to the event because I know it will get better and better as their knowledge and confidence grows! If you can't tell already, I truly love music with my whole heart--playing it, listening to it, you name it, I love it!

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