Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Friday!

I love Fridays. Fridays are actually quite busy for me, but I just love the fact that it's Friday which means it is the weekend! We got up and got everyone fed. We also got ready for school because it was a preschool day! Sammy LOVES Fridays because it is his reading day! I was really excited for him because he has been doing so well in his reading that his teacher has decided to give him two books every week. And he is just going right through them! I'm just a proud Momma! Yea for Sammy!

My baby girl had a hard time going down for her nap and the more tired she gets, the more crazy she gets! Oh man. I was so glad when she did go down, but bummed that it was basically just in time for my piano lessons to start! I teach my nephews on Friday and I love having them here. However, sometimes it is hard having all three of them here playing while I am teaching them, one at a time. They are pretty good boys and don't cause much mischief, it is just sometimes they get a little loud and when I am downstairs and they are upstairs it makes it hard to help them keep the noise level down without adding to it. Let's just say the baby woke up within 15 minutes of their arrival. That was a bummer because not only was she woken up but she was uber tired! Not a pretty combination for my girl! At least she eventually mellowed out. She does love those boys so much.

After my lessons we hung out here and my sister dropped by. It is always fun to talk with her and laugh and joke. And I get a kick watching my kids love on her and just loving to be around her. She dances with them and does yoga with them (she does yoga and they want to do everything she is doing!) and cuddles and loves them. I am glad that they have such a fun, loving auntie.

I feel like there was a whole lot more to my day, but this is pretty much it. But that's how it goes sometimes--you feel like you were busy all day and then you realize it wasn't as crazy as you thought! This Friday would have been much cooler if my hubby didn't have to work on Saturday. Boo!
(Sidenote: Sammy loves to tell "spooky secrets." Sometimes I will say, "You wanna hear a secret?" and then I will whisper, "I love you!" and then he will say, "You wanna hear a spooky secret? BOO!" He could do that all day, and believe me, he has!)

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