Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mexican Food Is Muy Bueno!

So remember when I told you that I was feeling better by Saturday night? ha ha, that was all kinds of crazy. I think I just wanted to feel better so badly that my poor body was trying so hard to make it so. Sunday rolled around and I wasn't sick, but I probably should have rested and recuperated better. But, I went to my church's choir practice--I play the piano and we were performing that day. It was a difficult song and my conscience would not permit me to ask someone else to play--I wasn't on my deathbed and I could certainly sit on a piano bench and play. Asking someone to perform on the same day you ask is not a thing I do at all. I am lucky enough to have never been in that situation--but let me tell you I have been on the other end of it a few times. But I don't mind. It doesn't phase me too much. And if I mess up--you get what you ask for! Be grateful! = D

After the choir practice, my good friend and her daughter came over to help me make enchiladas. Last month, she invited my family and another family to come over and celebrate Chinese New Year at her house with a delicious Chinese dinner. So, to repay the favor I offered to treat her family and a few other friends to a meal I can do--enchiladas! For those of you who may not know (or realize or remember) I am of Mexican American, Native American, and mixed European descent--and darn proud of it!! So, if there is one meal I can do, it's Mexican food! So they came and we worked and made a good number and the plan was to get as much done before church and then go their house and prepare the rest there and eat there as well. So I got everything I could and was set.

Went to church and played my piece and left after the first meeting. I went home because my husband was at home with our kids. My daughter had developed a really nasty case of the runs that made her poop often and require an outfit/bedding change as well as her diaper EVERYTIME. My awesome husband had to change her 3 times in one hour. Big changes. I was really glad that I wasn't home to be a part of that! (I love you sweetie! You are the best!) So I came home to help. I noticed as the time went by and got closer to our dinner time, my husband was not feeling well. So, I let him stay home and sleep and I packed the food and kids up and went my merry way to my friends.

You must be asking, "what was she thinking?!" I'll give you the answer. I REALLY WANTED TO GO! I love this friend of mine and I don't get to hang out with her as much as I would like--we're both busy. I also was thinking that I had a lot of people depending on me for their Sunday dinner. I was also thinking about how if we postponed this dinner, the earliest we could re-schedule was sometime in April, and April wasn't looking that great either!! And I love a good dinner party and I never seem to have many dinner party appointments. So there! That's what I was thinking! = D

So I get there and we made the food. I was so happy to be there, and my kids love being there and playing with their family. We had a lot of fun prepping the food and telling stories and just sharing in good, clean, culinary fun. I don't consider myself a real great cook. I am not the person you call for a recipe or that you would think, Man! Celi has an AWESOME recipe for (fill in the blank with any food, dessert, anything) !! So, this meal is my magnum opus in the kitchen, if you will. I really enjoyed feeling like I was a superstar chef! The easy bean dip recipe was killer, my momma's recipe for Mexican rice is infallible when executed correctly, and the enchiladas are pretty hard to mess up! BUT I STILL MANAGED TO MESS THEM UP!!!!! I think what happened was that I was busy trying to delegate the food prepping (my daughter was making it difficult to do anything with my hands--she needed to be held by Mommy at that moment. My friends were very happy and eager to learn how to cook these dishes so it worked out for all.) and I wasn't in my own kitchen where I know how to work all the appliances--like the kitchen oven timer--that a timer for the enchiladas didn't get set. And I was distracted by everything else that by the time my friend mentioned the enchiladas, they were burned. Not to a crisp, but they were a little on the tough side. Everyone was real nice and ate it anyway and they said it was really good (or maybe they were just being nice). Everybody had more than one serving, so they had to be a certain degree of good, right? Oh well, everything else was en pointe! I enjoyed the meal and we all had fun!

While we there enjoying in conversation and games, the high schooler I would be accompanying on Tuesday was at my house and I had forgotten about our practice! So, my husband called me and I gathered my kids and left for my house. Luckily, I was only a street or two away. My sister was kind enough to stay behind and collect all the food and dishes and everything else for me! I love you, too, Sis!! I got home and practiced for an hour and some. It was a good practice. It was hard because I didn't get to practice on my own much before, but we made do.

After the practice, we put the kids away and I was too tired to blog or do anything. Recovering from illness and having that much stuff to do was extremely tiring! But man, the food was awesome!!!

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