Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Lazy Day

So, things had been a little crazy the past week or so and so we (the kids and I) decided to have a lazy day. We hung out in our pajamas until about 3pm. We read books, played some games, and watched Ice Age (for the umpteenth time, of course. I kept the remote--if Sammy has the remote he will rewind the same 10 seconds for an hour if I let him! It makes the movie watching a little boring and frustrating!) It was nice just to relax and enjoy the kids. That's the fun part, not stressing about making it to school, being in public with the kids, etc. True, I probably put more stress on myself than needed, but I am trying to work on that. I feel as though I am a lot better now than when I first had Sam. Hopefully, I will get better at maintaining stress the longer I am a parent. One can only hope.

There was something that happened during our lazy day that made me smile and laugh. So, many of you may not know but when it is just the kids and myself, they follow me around quite a bit. I don't think it is a clingy thing (maybe with the baby a little bit), I think it is more a curious issue--they just want to know what I am up to. I had to go to the bathroom, so I headed that way and didn't shut the door all the way so I could hear the kids, but also maintain a shred (just a tiny one) of privacy. That lasted all of 2.3 seconds. So, my kids are just hanging out in the bathroom while I am trying to take care of business, so I ask them to leave the bathroom for just a few seconds so I could have a moment (and I am also acutely aware of how much my little guy is getting so big and grown up!) but Sammy looks at me and says, "But Mommy! We are friends!!" It was just this little shocked tone that made me smile. I am glad that he loves me and thinks of me not only as Mommy, but as his friend.

So, Sammy's friend Lucy had a really cute Valentine that she gave to all her classmates--those little glasses with a fake nose and mustache attached to them! Sammy wore them all afternoon and evening. He cracked me up because he was convinced that when he had them on, he wasn't Sam!

Need I say more? He is so cute that I can hardly stand it sometimes! (Thanks for your patience with me as I attempt to learn how to use blogger. Sorry the pictures are a little uneven!)

I taught lessons in the afternoon, but I had a lot of fun. My two students, the sisters, came and I love hearing them play. And I have thoroughly enjoyed asking all my students about their Valentine's days and what kind of Valentines they gave/received. Talking with the older sister brought back a lot of memories--they were able to buy cookies and have them delivered to their friends at school. I remember the old Valentine gram program at my high school. It doesn't seem as though that was that long ago, but here we are on the eve of our ten year reunion! Time sure is flying at light speed!

After my lessons we decided to go buy the booster seat we have needed to get! Sammy's second car seat was a convertible car seat that turned into backless booster chair so he had been using that. However, Izzie Bee is finally big enough (and way too tall) for her rear facing baby chair and has been needing to get into that car seat. So, since booster chairs are cheaper than the car seat Izzie would need, we went to Target and let him choose a booster! He has been so excited about this event! So, we went and he chose this beautiful, blue seat. My only concern was that there may have been a seat or two more soft, but he wouldn't look at the others--he only had eyes for this blue booster chair! I trust that it will be soft enough, we haven't had any complaints yet! We also bought some Dr. Seuss book because they were on sale! Dr. Seuss books are not cheap, so we were really excited about this fun trip to Target! Yea Target!!

Last but not least, we went to Burgers Supreme for dinner! I love Burgers Supreme and I was excited that we had a coupon for a free combo meal and we got to eat inside. The kids really liked it, too. My only regret was that I didn't buy Izzie her own kid cheeseburger. I thought she would eat off me or Arnold, but she only would eat Sammy's burger. Oh well. Better luck next time! We still had fun anyways!

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