Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Basketball Game of the Season

Well, since I am behind on my blogging, I am going to report on the important stuff and things of note. I will try not to go on too many tangents, as I am apt to do. So, here it goes.

Saturday was great. We (ok, I will just admit it was me) slept in late! Haha. And then we took our time getting ready and doing anything on Saturday. However, I had a vocal master class to attend on Saturday at 1pm. I nearly had a heart attack when I received the email about this master class. Here is how it went down in my head.

(Opening email on iphone and reading email from my voice teacher)
Hmmmm. I can make a 1pm master class on Saturday. I wonder if the students that will be singing are the same ones I have accompanied before. I sure hope so because that makes my life a whole lot easier when it comes time to play. (Suddenly scary thought enters my mind) WAIT A MINUTE!! Master class?! I just started taking lessons and this sounds as though I am being invited AS A SINGER!!!! Oh my gosh! Do I have to sing?! I have only had 2 voice lessons?! I am going to be the worst singer there! They will laugh me off the stage! I wonder if I can skip the master class? Will I get in trouble?! OH MY GOSH!!

That is how my mini panic attack about singing at master class went. I then called my teacher and asked him if I had to sing and he said that only the students who were competing in the local NATS competition would be performing this month! So, I dodged a bullet--this month at least. I was excited to go and listen to the other singers perform. They did a great job! I was excited to be able to just sit, relax, and enjoy it. It was weird though. I felt extremely out of place, like a fish out of water. I had moments where i would think, What am I doing here?! I am not a singer! I am a pianist! It was very surreal. Hopefully, as I sing more and feel more confident I will be able to feel like I belong to the singer world as well as the piano one. Overall, I enjoyed myself and it was nice to be sans kids for something like this. And I smile that the person I talked to most was the accompanist! We enjoyed swapping stories about some of the songs that were performed and how difficult they are. He also asked me to play, but I didn't want to only because I knew he had worked hard and I was confident he would make it through just fine. It was awesome!

After I got home we had some lunch and then it was time for Arnie to get ready to go to the last BYU Basketball game of the season with some family friends of ours. They are actually family friends of my parents, but growing up with these kids who are in the same age range as I am bonded us all together over the years. The next generation keeping the family friendships alive. It is kind of cool. Anyways, Arnie was excited to go and watch the game since he had so much fun the last time. With my hubby away at the game it also meant I had the opportunity to go to Costco and Target with the kiddos by myself, again!

Let me just say that this time they were perfect! Not one incident and we got what we needed--diapers, wipes, certain foods--plus a few things we didn't. We of course got the Berry smoothie I use to bribe my kids to be good, especially when I am shopping by myself! And I was so happy because at Costco I found the solution to "What's for dinner?" Our friends were going to come back to our house after the game so I wanted to make sure I had something fun and fast to eat. So, I got an age old favorite, pizza! And the awesome thing was that the $9.99 take and bake pizzas were marked down to $5.99! Wahoo! easy and cheap! My kind of dinner!

Well, the smoothie line was incredibly long and I waited in it because I promised the kiddos. I hate to go back on promises, if I can help it. So we waited. However, this wait would make it so we arrived home AFTER everyone was at the house when the game was over. And we had the food. OOPS!

So we get home and rush around trying to get dinner on and entertain at the same time. What was making me laugh was that my kids who get plenty of attention at home from my husband and myself, suddenly became these attention-starved little performers. They were both fighting for everyone's attention. Look at my show! Look at my jump! Look at this! I can sing this! it was like that for the whole night. Luckily, our friends are extremely kind and were very obliging and praised and cuddled my kids until they no longer felt the need to dominate the party.

I love being with friends and I loved talking about what everyone is up to, enjoying good music and funny SNL skits. It was a little hectic there, but we all had a good time.


  1. We LOVE your family! Thanks again for feeding and housing us.

  2. Thanks, Frankie! We love you guys, too! We are more than happy to host you and have fun! Please don't hesitate to come down, it's always so much fun! Take care and until next time!