Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 2/23/2012

I don't know if you have noticed, but I don't really like to play things too early in the morning. It is nice to have the option to get ready at my own pace and to enjoy my little kiddos. I'm enjoying it while I can, I know things will change next year when my boy is going to Kindergarten. Until then, we will live it up!

So the morning passed and we got ready and around 12:30pm I received word that my accompanying gig was canceled. Sweet. I can handle an extra 30 minutes before my voice lesson. I finished all that I needed to and headed to my voice lessons with kids in tow. Sammy LOVES going to voice lessons. He asks me pretty much every day if we can go there. He was in seventh heaven hanging out with his friends and his primary teacher who is married to my voice teacher. It was awesome.

So, voice lessons went very well!! I hadn't had a lesson for two weeks and I was extremely nervous to be singing my songs for my teacher. I have anxiety about singing so I was extremely nervous! I tore this poor piece of tissue to shreds while I was performing my song! And I was steadily getting more nervous during my warm-ups that I was actually performing worse and worse! Or so it felt! I feel lucky to have a voice teacher who is also my friend, so hopefully I won't be too nervous for long. Maybe as I get more comfortable I will be able to perform better. haha, one can only hope!

After voice lessons I had piano lessons! My girls, the teenage sisters came and man, they rocked it! I was so happy to teach them and build them up and hear their progress! The duet they are doing is going to be sweet! I can just feel it! We have a long way, but slowly and surely we are getting there! When I think of teaching those girls, I just smile because they truly are sweet and it is a pleasure to teach them! I love my students!

After my lessons my husband came home and we all hopped in the car. We drove to JC Penney's to pick up our family portraits! They came out pretty well. I am excited to have this new round of pictures. Now I just need to figure out where I want pictures and what frames, etc. It should be fun! After the pictures we went to the BYU Creamery to buy 3 gallons of milk for $5! We also decided to buy ice cream since we were heading to a friend's mission call opening.

We arrived on time and it was so fun to be there. So, this young man in our ward who we have had the chance to get to know better, as well as his family, invited us to come to his home to be present when he opened his mission call and found out where he would be heading for the next two years. It was this big get together with family and friends and they had two giant maps, one of the USA and the other of the world. Everyone had the chance to pin their guess as to where he was going before. I chose Nicaragua because that is where my sister currently is on her mission! Well, our friend opened up his call and he is going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida! I am excited for this young man and for the opportunities and experiences he is about to embark upon.

We left pretty soon after because our kids were hungry and tired. We headed to our favorite burger joint, Burger Supreme--Sammy chose it and I honestly didn't mind. Especially because after 8:30pm the cheeseburgers are $1 off the original price! Score! While we were driving I took a picture of the kids in the back seat. Izzie was so excited to be in her new seat and Sammy loves his new booster seat and was excited to be wearing a pirate hat. He sure looks like one pensive pirate.

I love looking in the backseat and seeing these two little faces.

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