Monday, February 27, 2012

Marvelous Monday

I was extremely glad that I had a morning appointment set up for Monday because that would make it a little easier to deal with my son after he had his computer taken away. At 10:15am the kids and I were all ready to walk to our friend's house and learn how to cook authentic Chinese food! Yum!

So, my kids were so excited to walk and we talked about safety and staying on the curb, looking both ways, etc. It was fun and thankfully we didn't have to go very far. We reached our destination and set the kids up with toys and then I got to work. I felt so lucky to meet some new friends and get to know them and my other friends better. I love being a part of an organization that encourages us to get to know others and to be friends. We are different, but we have a lot of similarities. For instance, we all love Chinese food. So we had the opportunity to share with each other and enjoy extremely good food. Yum!

While we were there eating, my husband came to pick up our son to take him to preschool. We were smart enough to have his preschool stuff all ready to go. So off they went, taking the baby with them. I actually got to eat in meal without someone interrupting me and without having to feed someone else. It was a nice, needed break.

After that my husband picked me up and my daughter and I took Arnold to work. Then we went home and waited for preschool to be over. I enjoyed being with my Izzie and having one on one time. It rarely happens and it was good to give her all my attention.

We then picked Sammy up and rushed home to get the house ready for a new week of piano lessons. I put my daughter down for a nap and proceeded to prepare. My first lesson was moved to Monday and it was nice to have an extra moment. But it didn't last long. Then my awesome teenage guy came over and we had a great lesson. He passed his songs and it was nice. And all too quickly it was time to drive to my next student's house. We got there a few minutes late, but not too bad. I taught him and he did pretty well, considering he had been gone for one week at Disneyland and they spent the week after trying to master his songs. I was happy with the progress and it didn't interrupt the learning process. Sometimes you know never know with students in the early stages. Missed lessons can really throw them off. But it couldn't be helped and I was glad that not too much damage was done.

After that we rushed to get my husband. Than we went home and tried to feed the kids something quickly to hold them over since I had signed our family up to help clean our church building. I don't typically sign up to deliver meals to those who are sick because a) a lot of people cook better than I do b) my piano lessons happen everyday and they seem to happen when people want their food and c)I barely am able to get dinner ready for my own family and the thought of feeding another is daunting. So, I am more than happy to help clean and my family loves it and it happens at a time that is doable for us. So, I always make sure to sign us up for the cleaning assignment. It's still service, right?

My kids always have a blast. They think vacuuming and running around "after hours" is awesome. It makes me happy to know that we can do service and my kids think it is great. In fact, Sammy usually asks us on Mondays if we are going to clean the church. And I am always glad when I get to tell him yes!

Eventually, we got the kids home and fed everyone. And then we got them off to bed. No computer was a little hard, but I don't think my son misses it as much as I thought he would. One day down.

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