Friday, February 10, 2012

A Happy Day

I love Fridays! I'm actually pretty busy on Fridays but I guess because it's Fridays they just seem better. I have been trying this new thing where I only try to focus on one area or project a day in my house, and when I complete it, I try not to do anymore for that day. And I must admit, I like it. It makes me feel good because I am accomplishing something that I have been wanting to tackle and yet I am not overdoing it and burning myself out on those projects. When I do burn myself out, I don't do anything in regards to cleaning my house or organizing and then it builds up a ton. And then it is a big game of catch up. blech. So, today I chose to de-junk this counter ( I know, a whole, long counter) in my kitchen! I have been trying to do it for, I don't know, two months almost. No joke. And I did it! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It's great. I guess I kind of focused on the kitchen today. I also cleaned the stove and put foil on my burner pans (we've got those curly-cue electric oven burners). And I swept the floors. it was great because I don't feel overly tired. I am just so happy.

It was a school day for my little guy. I am so proud of him, it was his reading day and he passed off his books and got the next books in his set. Awesome! I also had time to read to him today. Rather, have him read to me. I really enjoyed it. He is getting so smart and mastering reading is a big deal. I remember looking at my boy and realizing, I need to start teaching this kid how to read and write and do things to prepare himself for school and here he is, doing these things already and it wasn't as hard a task as I thought it would be. He is such a good boy. I was proud of him because he was trying so hard to help his sister. Sometimes when she would get in trouble he would say, "Mom, it was an accident (she has been hitting people, including him, and yet he still defended her which I thought was cute.)", or he would try to hug her to make her stop crying when she got hurt, or help her stand on a chair to help Mac 'n' Cheese. I am proud of the boy he is becoming. Sure, he gets cranky and sometimes we clash a little bit but overall, he is doing great.

I love my daughter too, but I will admit that today was a bit of a trying day today. She was super cranky (which leads me to believe she is teething or getting sick) and she has this obsession with hitting people's faces. She whacked mine so much this morning she was sent to take her nap an hour earlier than scheduled. And after she woke up from that she cried. I should say she screamed. Her screaming has reached a whole new level. I swear she has the mutant power of sonic scream. She screams and I can feel vibrations in the air within my ears. It is incredible. Yesterday at the play date, the people were kind to me by saying, "She sure has a good pair of lungs." It was way beyond that. My daughter threw an egg shaker (you know, those eggs that shake and sound like rain) at my sister's forehead/eye area, for no reason at all. I know that she is not usually like this, but it is hard to keep that in mind, to not want to send her to a permanent time out because she is being such a stinker. I was glad that despite the craziness that she exhibited today, I was able to be reminded of her true personality and how I still need to treat her as the innocent baby she is (even though it sometimes feels like she knows darn well what she is doing). After the crazy screaming period she finally let me hold her and comfort her and she just snuggled me and wouldn't let me go. She had a few moments where she just wanted to give me kiss after kiss. I have to remind myself of these moments and cling to them so when the rough stuff starts up I don't feel defeated. I chuckle about the saying "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned." It should be Hell hath no fury as a determined two year old girl. Whew! Enough with venting, I feel better now and she has been in bed for longer than 30 minutes, so I can relax and put this crazy day behind me!

My lessons were great again today! I have been extremely satisfied with my week! I teach three brothers, who are also my nephews, on Fridays. They did awesome today! The youngest one passed his level he was on and moved up and got new books! happy day! And the middle brother played one of his songs PERFECTLY! And there was great dynamics and overall artistry! I was so happy! It was great. The oldest boy is also one song away in each book from passing up a level as well. I am excited and impressed with the practicing and hard work they put in. Now, if I can get them to practice like this ALL the time, it would be fantastic.

After my lessons I hurried and got dinner ready so that we could attend this fun game night at our church! It was so fun to play ping pong, and other games that were fun and put us in a position to meet other people. My sister also came with us and it was fun to share this experience with her. And my mother-in-law was so sweet and watched our kids while we went to this party. It really helped take the stress off me after the crazy day we had. And when we came home, my babies were still awake and happy to see me. And that made me happy.

I realize that I have written the word happy a lot in this post. But I like it. It was a Happy Day.

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