Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Post 2/9/2012

(Just tried to add some pictures and blogger won't let me. I will add pictures as soon as I am able!)

Today was a great day. I have decided that I just want to share some of the highlights of my day. First, my kids and I were invited to a play date for today. We live relatively close to our host's residence, so I dusted off the stroller and got the kids ready to go. I love taking my kids outdoors and watching their faces as they get excited being out of the house and just enjoying each other and nature. I struggle taking my kids out of doors because they usually run away or don't listen and give me a heart attack as they almost put themselves in dangerous situations. I guess we just try and try again until we get it right. They actually did alright today, my son only ran ahead twice and he only once pushed my daughter's stroller off the sidewalk onto the street. This is progress! You may be asking, "Why do you let your son push the stroller?". Well, I let my son push the stroller because when he pushes the stroller my daughter laughs and giggles so much! They are so cute. He talks to her and they go back and forth and just think it is the coolest thing ever. And I like that he is more protective of her and tries his hardest to be a good big brother. Well, on our walk today there were a ton of birds flying around! The kiddos loved it! My daughter was busy yelling at them and laughing at them and my son kept saying, "Mom! The birds are sad! They are looking for their papas! Their papas had to go to work and they are looking for them!" I am sure that there was a little transference in this statement and my son was talking about how he misses his own papa when he is at work.

Another highlight of the day was getting my son's hair cut! We like to support a children's hair salon, Cookie Cutters in Lehi, so we always get Sam's hair done there. They have airplanes, hippos, and cars (three different types) to sit in and a fire engine station to wash hair. TVs at every hair cutting station with stylists who specialize in children's hair, and to top it off you get a sucker and a balloon when you are done. My kids love it there. Did I mention the big play toy/slide and computer game on the wall? It's pretty sweet. I used to cut my son's hair and then it got too crazy and he got more squirmy and I didn't know what I was doing. hahaha. Anyways, we got a new haircut and I will have to post a picture later because we forgot to take a pic of the new do before the boy went to sleep! Sammy chose the hippo today and loved being on it! I think it is awesome how he always chooses something different every time we go.

After the hair cut we were pretty famished. It was after 7pm, I had been teaching today and accompanying right before we left for the hair appointment, so we knew we would have to wait for food to cook at home. We decided to go out for dinner. My husband and I are trying to get outside of our comfort zone and try new things. Instead of going to one of our usual go to restaurants, we opted for one we saw that had barely opened. Oh man. It's moments like these that make me want to stick with our usual tried and true restaurants! We decided to try this Chinese/Japanese buffet in town and the food wasn't bad. Was it worth the price they charged? No. But it was the establishment that really ensured that we would never frequent that restaurant again. It was so muggy in there! My husband said it best when he said, "I felt like I was eating in a hot, laser tag room." The cleanliness could definitely improve as well. Let's just say our table was a little sticky even though it had been "cleaned." And at one point my son dropped a strawberry on the ground. While we don't condone eating food that has fallen on any floor (our house included--and believe me it is clean!) it still happens anyways. So he drops this strawberry and my husband (who is more laid back than I am, by far!) gets concerned and tells our son, "don't eat that! It fell on the ground!" My boy does not heed the warning and pops that sucker into his mouth. My husband said that his expression was so sad that he felt bad for him. That is saying a lot from a four year old who rarely blinks an eye when he puts floor food into his mouth. Needless to say, we promptly threw the kids into the bath when we got home and are trying to put this experience behind us. Tomorrow is another day.

On the music front, I taught two of my favorite students today. I feel lucky because while I have some students that need to practice a little more to make teaching piano a little easier, I genuinely enjoy all of my students. However, the two students I had today are sisters and some of the sweetest girls I have ever met AND they practice! I truly look forward to their lessons. Anyways, I just had fun and we are working on a duet that they will preform in church when they master it. We had some breakthroughs in the duet and I am so excited to see how their practicing goes this week!

I got word that my piano lesson from yesterday (the new student) went well and that she went home and practiced for an hour! How cute is that? I am glad that it was a fun thing for her and that she already enjoys playing the piano. It says a lot for a student (even a beginner) to play those first few songs for an hour. I tell ya, those songs get old after 5 times through. Good for her!

I also accompanied a voice student today for Isaac Hurtado's vocal studio. It was awesome because that student works so hard and today he had an "aha!" moment. I love witnessing those moments even if I am not the teacher. I just get really excited to see others succeed in music and to watch the joy and excitement as they realize their hard work is paying off! I love music so much and I am glad to see that love in others, no matter what level or ability they may possess. I'm a sucker for those warm and fuzzy feelings, OK?

Last but not least, my voice lesson got cancelled because my voice teacher (the same Isaac Hurtado from above-p.s. this link is different from the one I already linked) had to cancel my lesson because he got called in to rehearse for La Traviata which opens next Friday. I was disappointed to not have my lesson, but I am excited to see the upcoming opera! So, I will have to blog next week about how the lesson went. And the opera, for that matter!

Well, the fat lady must be singing because it is time to end this post.

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