Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is it! My new blog. I have put off writing this very first post because I have been wondering what to say. I am excited to start this new blog and write down all the happenings in our day to day life. And I am hoping that I can write enough posts to make one of those cute blog books.

Any who, today was a great day. It's interesting to realize that some of my best days are the ones when I am busiest and constantly doing something. Maybe they are better because I can honestly tell myself that I did everything humanly possible to accomplish my tasks for the day and whether I did all of them or not, that was the best I could do. Do I feel tired on the busy days? Yep, I sure do, but when I can finally kick my heels up, it feels awesome.

Started the day by feeding my crazy, hungry kiddos. They crack me up so much. I love that in the mornings I have this little baby who likes to cuddle me and jibber jabber to me. There's just something about having her cute, smiling face peering into mine and trying to see me open my eyes and acknowledge her. And when I smile my first smile to her she lights up and tries to talk to me. I like to think she is trying to tell me she is happy to see me and telling me about her dreams and what she wants to do today. Don't get me wrong, there are mornings when I am more groggy and even irritated, especially if I get an elbow to the face or knees in my stomach. And usually when my boy hears the girl and I talking he comes running into my room, leaps into the air and lands on my bed. He looks up to make sure I am paying attention to him and gives me the breakfast order he has been dying to give me since the moment he woke up. Today it was waffles. He's been on a blueberry waffle kick the last few weeks. Thank goodness for frozen eggo waffles, because I do not think I could make him waffles every single morning. (Sidenote: My hats off to any and every mom who didn't have frozen waffles or store bought bread or mac 'n' cheese- you get the picture-because my poor family would not eat well or regularly without our modern conveniences. And yes, I think real waffles and bread and everything else for the most part are better when they are from scratch, but my day is busy enough and when I can make those things it is a real treat!) So we marched into the kitchen and got it all fixed up exactly the way everyone likes it.

One thing that amazes me about my life as a mom is how some of the simplest tasks have to be executed with detailed precision to ensure that everyone is happy. Take waffles, for instance. Once I put those waffles into the toaster I get the plates and silverware and butter ready. They pop up and I quickly take the waffles out and then proceed to put two more in and butter one of the waffles for my son, rip the other one up (sans butter) and put into a bowl for my girl. Then I quickly deliver the bowl to my daughter in her high chair because during this whole time she has been going on the whole time as if she hasn't eaten anything in days. The moment, however, that I start heading towards her, bowl in hand, she smiles and starts laughing and squealing because she is excited. I also have to have that sippy cup of juice ready to go on her tray to ensure complete satisfaction. Meanwhile, the other waffles have popped up and my son is getting antsy because his sister has waffles and he doesn't. I butter those up and cut all three waffles into quarters and put the plate on the table and ask him whether he wants a drink. I always ask because the answers are always different. Some days he wants juice, others milk, and there are even some where he doesn't want anything at all. That's just how he rolls. But do you see what I mean? How did waffles become so complicated? Today I was the hero because I got everything done quickly and with no mistakes or fumbles!

After breakfast, I was determined to clean my bedroom that I have been DYING to clean. I mean, I have been trying to clean this room for what seems like a month. But you know, the living room and kitchen have to be cleaned first because people will see them. I swear, my room is always last to get done. But, today miracle of miracles, it was cleaned! I even cleaned my bathroom and put stuff away and organized it the way I wanted. And I did laundry! finally! I was on fire this morning! and yesterday I cleaned both kid rooms and main bathroom and guest/piano bathroom and the downstairs living/piano studio room cleaned! For once my whole house is clean. Sure, I have dishes (not a ton) in the sink, but I declare that my whole house is clean! Glory glory, Hallelujah! Laundry and a clean house is huge!

This is a pic of my cute daughter crawling into the bottom shelf of her changing table. I was cleaning and organizing her room yesterday and while I was busy in there, she pops herself into there and just hung out there. She thought it was so funny, she was giggling and talking to herself. It really cracked me up! Here's another pic of the same shot but you can really tell that she is in a changing table.

After we got those things all done it was time to pick up my little guy from preschool! So, we got him and had to get home fast so we could prepare for piano lessons. I teach three kids on Wednesday. I try not to take too many students, because frankly I don't think my kids could handle it. But that's ok, they're just little! Before my first lesson, my boy decided he wanted to practice his piano. I just started teaching him because he kept answering for my students when I teach their lessons and he truly loves music. Always has, that little guy. Hopefully this will help him not feel the need to answer for my students! I am tickled to death that he is so excited about the piano. I am only too aware that this may not be the case, but I am going to enjoy and cultivate this love in him while I can! He is doing well--as well as can be expected from a four year old!

Lessons went well today. One of my students was late, and unfortunately they were up first and it is hard to catch up if that first one is late. Her lesson ended up being a little shorter than the 30 mins I teach, but it was not my fault she chose to be late. Oh well. I did the best I could. I was really excited for my third lesson because it was a first piano lesson EVER for my new student. Those days are always fun, a little hectic and wordy, but fun. I love the part when a student plays their first song for the first time. The look on their faces when they realized they just played a song is priceless! Sure, it was just two fingers on the black keys, but when they read those notes and kid of know what they are doing and that they did it is so awesome! I love teaching first lessons! I was so proud of her. She is so sweet and I am excited to see how this unfolds. I know her parents will be really good about making sure she practices and she will have help at home when she needs it--this is always a recipe for success. It's hard when there isn't that support, especially at the beginning it can make or break your piano experience. There is only so much I can do as a teacher who sees students for 30 mins every week. But parents or siblings who can help--priceless! It was a good teaching day.

After teaching, my husband came home and we helped and listened to my son play the piano. I am realizing that since I am teaching my own son, I need daddy to be in charge of the practicing. I tried to do practicing with Sammy and he wanted candy at the end because when he passes songs at his lesson he gets candy (all my students do!). I can see where it might be hard for his four year old mind to process the difference between a lesson and practicing if Mommy does both. I was so proud of him and delighted to see his excitement in showing his papa his songs! He just wanted to keep going and learn more songs!

I love this second picture because you can see my husband helping our boy and being the proud papa! My boys are so cute, I just love them!

After they started the theory assignment, I began practicing for my voice lesson. I am really excited to be trading piano lessons for voice lessons. I have always wanted to develop my singing talents and I finally have the time (barely!) and ability to do so! I am taking from Dr. Isaac Hurtado! He is such a talented singer and performer and I feel totally lucky to have the opportunity to take from him and teach his children in exchange! That and his wife is one of my favorite friends! I just think their whole family is top notch. I will have to write tomorrow about how the lesson ended up going! Wish me luck!

After the voice practice/cramming, my sister came over so my husband and I could go to our son's preschool and attend parent/teacher conference! I am proud to report that he is doing well in his class. He plays well with others, and is a sweet, bright boy. I am so proud of his accomplishments and I love his love of school and life in general. He's a great boy. Here's a picture of Sammy at his first day of preschool. He sure loves his school!

All in all, it was a busy, great day.

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