Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Well, I really wanted to do something special for Leap Day, but there just wasn't any time. After the crazy, terrifying day that was Tuesday, I was just plain tuckered out. We had a lot of things to do and it was just another Wednesday.

Sammy had preschool and so we got him all ready for that and got him out the door. I then tried to clean the house and get ready for the four piano lessons that I had scheduled that day. I usually don't teach four lessons, but one of my lessons was usually on Monday, but for the next few weeks her lessons will be whenever we can schedule them--she's in the musical at her school!

So, my piano lessons are about to start at 3:30pm. Then I get a call saying that my student has family in town and that they would not be coming to piano today. Sweet, I could totally use another 30 minutes to clean up and feed my kids. My 4pm lesson comes and we had a great lesson. This student was able to pass some songs and make some headway, so that was very nice because we had kind of been stuck in a rut. My 4:30pm lesson came and we had a blast. She is one of my newer students whom I just adore! She is so sweet and funny and she never ceases to amaze me with her observations and her sense of humor. And then my Monday lesson came (she and my 4:30pm are actually sisters) and I also thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. It was a little rough because she is having trouble practicing, but I don't blame her--I have done the musical thing and with school, church, family, and piano it is really hard to juggle everything and sometimes piano is one of the first things that gets dropped. So, we did the best we could.

After my lessons, I had about an hour or so to make some dinner and get ready to go play piano for the young women in my ward. I was actually quite excited about it because I feel as though we are close to mastering the song. We have to perform it next Wednesday, so we better be close! I love being with the Young Women and getting to see my students in the group. They are always so sweet to me and make me feel so welcome. They always come and talk to me and it is so fun. The girls were also excited because the next day was Justin Bieber's birthday!

After practicing I went home. It was a nice surprise because I thought I would be gone longer and I actually got to see my kids before they went to bed! Holy cow! It was a busy day and thank goodness, an uneventful one. I have had enough with the crazy and unusual.

Day three of no computer was actually going a lot smoother than I thought. My son didn't even bother us to play the computer anymore. He did have an increase in wanting to play the games Trouble, Connect Four, and Memory. We also have been reading a lot of books, especially his new Dr. Seuss books! I feel like I am getting my nice, sweet, happy son back! Sometimes when he plays the computer so much he gets cranky and anti-social. It's nice to interact with him again.

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