Friday, March 2, 2012

A Pink Elephant Day

Izzie loving on her favorite pink elephant as she snuggles down for a nap. She was just so darn cute that I had to get a few pictures of this moment! Thank you Grauntie Amy for the special elephant--Izzie still loves to sleep with it every night!

Friday was a pretty awesome day! We got up, watched Toy Story 2 before preschool and we got going. After I dropped my little guy off at preschool I went home, quickly put the baby to sleep and mopped the floors! Oh my goodness, I felt incredible!! It was able to happen because I did so much cleaning the day before that I was able to focus on picking up the toys, sweep the floors, do the dishes, and mop! I felt like Wonder Woman! It seems like mopping the floors is something I always have on my weekly to do list, but I am lucky if I can mop the floors every other week. Gross, I know, but it's the best that I can do right now. And just to let you know, whenever there are major spills, I usually do a good spot clean when it happens. So, don't you worry out there, we are not walking on a totally filthy floor.

Doing all the cleaning took up all my time during my preschool respite. So, when I was done it was time to wake up my baby girl and go get my little man. I love getting my son with my daughter. She loves any excuse to get out of the house, but one of her favorites is picking up her brother. She loves that kid so much. When I tell her, "Are you ready to pick up your brother?" she says (yells) "Bub! Bub! Bub! Bub!" I just recently realized that Izzie calls Sammy "Bub." I had been trying to teach her how to say Sammy since she has mastered Papa and Dada and she also has Mama or Mom! down pat. So, naturally the next name is Sammy. But she wouldn't say it, instead when I would point to Sammy she would say, "Bub!" And that's when it hit me. I call Sam "Bubba" or "Buddy" or "Bub" A LOT. And she picked up on that. Now that I understand what this whole "bub" business is about I am recognizing that she says his name, A TON. It makes me smile.

So we got Sammy and I had packed snacks and juices because we were going to go straight to the church to teach an organ lesson. However, on my way there I was running early and I received a call that my brother was at my house which is one street over. Hahaha. I love how my brother needed something to eat and place where his roommate could get ready for work so they just stopped by when no one was home and made themselves at home. It makes me happy, but it made me smile. It was nice to see my bro for 10 minutes before he had to leave. I love my brother so much. I am kind of bummed that we live in the same state now, an hour or so away and I have only seen him 5 times. Oh well, he's busy and I am busy so it's a total two way street.

We said goodbye and hopped in the car to go to organ lessons. I loved teaching organ lessons. I just wanted to give some of my older piano students a tutorial on how to use the organ in case they ever find their selves in that situation. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints makes that situation a very real possibility. I felt lucky that I have had a few organ classes and many many tips on how to successfully maneuver your piano skills on the organ. It's harder than it looks and though this may sound silly, but the organ is NOT like the piano. That's just the plain truth.

My cute student, one of the teenage sisters did fantastic! She was able to play the hymns with pedals on the first try! She has done better than many adult pianists I know. I was so proud of her. I know she felt that she wasn't doing a great job but she absolutely was! All she needs to do is just hop on the organ every once in awhile so she won't forget what she learned.

After the organ lesson we went home to prepare for piano lessons. I put my daughter down for her second nap and tried to clean and do more since I had a few moments. I also got to play more games with my son who was still going strong on his computer restriction.

My lessons came and I was so proud of my nephews! They were awesome as well! I can't believe that they are practicing consistently! This is really helping us to pass songs and to keep moving on our musical journey! I did have another moment where I could have passed my student, but it would not have helped him in the long run because there were still a good number of mistakes. They weren't big ones, but they did add up to a good number. So, I had to reluctantly tell him that we had one more week on these songs. And they are the last songs in his books. That hurts a little more when you are so close to passing up to the next level! It makes me cringe remembering it! Man!

After that I came upstairs and made some dinner so we could eat since it was almost 7pm. If memory serves, my sister came over on Friday and we had fun talking with her and being with her. I love Friday. There is just something about Fridays that are so carefree!

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