Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, Monday

Monday started off as any other Monday. We got going, got the kids all fed and dressed, and just got ready. I had such a great Sunday that I was still pretty happy and just feeling great about my life. Yes, it's crazy and it's messy, but it's still beautiful, a work of art if you will. I love Sundays, they always seem to give me perspective and the ability to face a new week and all the possibilities that await! I was pumped!

Sammy went to school and his selection for show and tell this week was two little Potato Heads! He has been really into Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3! So much so that he loves playing with his real life Potato Heads and has also given the whole family and those who are near and dear to his heart new names. He is Woody, Izzie is Jessie, Mommy is Bulls-eye, and Daddy is Stinky Pete the Prospector. He gave Auntie Addie a new name, but I can't remember which character she gets to be. Auntie Soana is Rex the Dinosaur and Uncle Caleb is Hamm the piggy bank. And I think Grandma Gaye also got to be the Slinky Dog. Hey! I'm just lucky that I remembered what I do! I do love hearing what he associates with people.

So, he went to school and I got the baby down for her nap so I can prepare for the day and prepare for another week of piano. Of course, all too soon it was time to pick Sammy up and let the afternoon roll!

My first student was one of my sweet teenage girls. She did great and I was just excited by the progress she is making despite being at school until after 5pm everyday because of the upcoming musical! Good for her, trying to juggle it all. I will ad mit when I was a high school-er trying to fit piano and the musical and school, I was not always successful at practicing the piano!

My next student was my teenage guy who also passed his songs! Yay! It made things a lot of fun. And man, I was impressed with the progress he has made on Bumble Boogie. It is a tough song and he is just plowing through it. It's definitely making him reach and use all of the piano skills and knowledge he has!

And last but not least, one of my new beginners. It was a hard week for this little guy--his mom has been away on business. And at this early stage in the game, the best results come from parental help. But, some weeks you won't always have the ideal situation and you just do the best you can. Hopefully next week will be an easier week for him!

And then after my lessons were done we rushed to the BYU Health Center to get some cash to my brother who was checking up on his TB test. He had to work in SLC so it wasn't a very long visit. And then we were on our way to one of our favorite places, Tucanos!! My son calls it "Canos!" Yes folks, we received the traditional free birthday meal postcard! Hip hip hooray! We love it! The kids loved it and we got some really good footage of Arnie dancing his Happy Birthday dance (they make you at Tucanos) and the kids really enjoying their meal! Izzie even stuffed a whole teriyaki (probably my favorite one of the night!) sirloin (I honestly don't remember what cut it was) in her mouth! She cracks me up! Sammy told us, "Mom! I want to go to Canos and eat fruit!" Hahaha. How funny is that kid? Who goes to a Brazilian meat restaurant to eat fruit?! That's right, my boy! I love that kid!

Let the birthday palooza begin!!!!!!
(For those of you who do not know, in our family we like to celebrate birthdays and super special occasions or holidays with paloozas! That entails celebrating said event more than just one day, it could be a week or a few days or even a month! It is whatever we want to make it! Party on!)

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