Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13

Well, In an effort to catch up on my blog, I am just writing the things that I can remember and making them as brief as possible. I promise that as soon as I am caught up and not feeling like I am drowning beneath a sea of blogs that I will write better--in depth, thoughtful and not so scattered.

Tuesday was different because I had piano lessons on Tuesday and I usually don't. Two of my students from Monday needed to reschedule and since I didn't have anything to do, that was fine. They did great and I was happy to see them because they are great teenagers! I feel so lucky that I enjoy all of my students. I have had students that I did not particularly enjoy teaching lessons to in the pas, and it really made wanting to teach a hard thing to do. But all of my students are awesome! I truly enjoy all of them.

I need to start organizing our recital. I want to have one in May around the close of school and before summer really kicks into gear. I feel as though time is slipping away from me. I think about these things in my head and the next time I think about them, it's a month later! What is going on here?!

I can't remember what else we did.

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