Friday, March 9, 2012

No Lessons Friday?!

Here is Arnold eating some of his tasty birthday breakfast crepes! Crepes with nutella and whipped cream! Yum!

When was the last time I had no piano lessons on Friday?! Um, I can't remember! With my nephews on vacation I had no piano lessons what so ever on Friday! nor will have any next Friday, as my nephews will have barely returned and not practiced the whole time they were gone. Do I blame them? No way! They are in Hawaii!

So, Friday, we also were privileged to have Daddy stay home from work! Yay!! His brother, Caleb, came to visit from Afghanistan, with his wife Soana. We had tentatively planned to have lunch with them to celebrate my husband's upcoming birthday. So, since we usually take work off on birthdays he did! It was so fun! My son was so excited to have Papa at home that morning. And he always asks him, "You staying or going, Papa?" When Daddy comes home for lunch he recognizes that there are times when Dad gets to stay home and times when he is only home for an hour. I was so excited to all be together!

So, we started this birthday weekend right by making birthday breakfast crepes for Daddy! We even were coordinated enough to stick some candles in some crepes and light them and sing to him without arousing suspicion! It was great! Sammy was such a great helper and carried the plate to Daddy and was such a great singer! It was really fun to have a kid that could really do it by himself! I think it was quite nice for Papa!

We let Daddy relax and just veg while we waited for preschool to start. We took Sammy to school and hoped that he would pass his books! Sammy loves reading, but I think he is getting used to reading. Sometimes if there are the same first 2 or 3 letters he will guess a word in stead of making sure he knows exactly what the word is. His teacher noticed it too but said he is doing great! I am so proud of him!

Top: Sammy playing a water shooting
Left: Mom and Izzie at the mini cooper ride
Right: Izzie thoroughly enjoying the mini cooper ride

After preschool we went to Chuck-E-Cheese! Izzie had received a coupon for free tokens for her half birthday so we decided to go and play! Sammy was so excited! He hopped out of the car before we could get out and unbuckle his sister! They both rushed inside and headed for their favorite things! Unfortunately the kiddie basketball was not working correctly so I had to drag Izzie away from that one. She also was that kid who would walk up to you and throw your skee balls. So, we really needed to keep an eye on her! Luckily she loved this Mini Cooper car ride. I honestly stood next to it and just kept feeding it quarters! Every time it would stop she would do the ASL sign for "more"! She loved that ride. When I finally ran out of tokens, we had a melt down. Oh man. It was crazy!

Chuck-E-Cheese fun and shooting the rocket with Auntie

And Sammy, my little man! He played this one game and the next thing we knew there were tickets spilling out of it! I had to tell Arnold so he could help him catch them all! I think he got 180 tickets out of that game alone! I was proud of him! I have never even done that in my adult life! He is so awesome! We fed the ticket monster and went to grab a prize. It was awesome! Sammy chose a nerf type rocket launcher. He loves that thing! I have had to tell him not to shoot in people's faces though. I trust that he will be ok.

After a successful trip to Chuck-E-Cheese we went home to put the baby down for her next nap. She was in dire need by now, so it was kind of a relief to do so! While the baby and Daddy was sleeping Sam and I got a surprise visit from Auntie Addie! She had gotten off work a little early and came over to wait for her yoga class to start. It was really fun to watch Sammy and Auntie Addie play with the rocket launcher together! They would lay on the floor on their back and just shoot it straight into the air. They would laugh every single time! It was great!

Sammy loved playing with Auntie! They had a really good time, if you can't already tell!

Auntie Addie also brought the Hunger Games over for me to read. I am a pretty prolific reader, but I just haven't gotten around to reading Hunger Games. I don't like bleak future plots such as Brave New World, 1984, you get the picture. They aren't much fun. But, since I now have the books in my house without any extra effort expended to get them, I guess I will read them. Thank you, Addie! Now I am jsut debating whether I should read them after the movie or before the movie. One of my piano students told me I have to read them before, but I just don't want to ruin the movies by knowing what is supposed to happen. Does anybody else think like this? Or am I the only one who cares?

And then we got word from my bro and sis in law that we would go to dinner with them at Chuck-a-Rama! We love that place and so do the kids! It was awesome! I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't get any pictures of the kids with Auntie and Uncle! They had so much fun! It was a great evening talking about life and family. I love getting together with family and understanding each other and just laughing together. It was definitely a much needed get together and I am sad that they don't live closer so we can get together more often! I guess we just need to enjoy it when we have the opportunity to do so.

After we got home we put the babies down and enjoyed resting with so much yummy food in our stomachs! It was nice. Man, just thinking about it makes me wish I could do it all over again! It was a great day.

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