Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Beginnings

The Blanket Monster surfaces once again. But it is moving so quickly you can hardly discern who it is!

Wednesday was a very busy day! We had preschool and then we needed to get going for piano lessons and then after that I would need to rush for the Young Women's program was here! I was so excited!

I am trying to remember if anything crazy or funny happened and I am sure that there was something said or done that was funny, but I can't remember. I need to start blogging on the days that things happen! Or else I am left with patchy blogs! Ack!

My lessons rolled around and It was a pretty decent day. My first lesson came and she actually practiced! We have been having a little trouble remembering the value of the notes and I got a really awesome idea to make some flash cards right then and there so she wouldn't forget to do them and another week would have been lost! I was quite proud of myself! And she told me a few days later that she has been studying them! Yes!

My next lesson actually canceled on me! I guess his parents were going out of town and it was stressing him out and he didn't want to play. Oh well, I hope he practiced so he can finally pass his books!

And then my last lesson came. I love that girl. She is one of my new beginners and she did so awesome! She passed all her songs and got her name in the ticket jar! I am so proud of her! She's awesome. However, I felt a little sad when she was telling me how she is not as good as her older sister. I had to kindly and gently remind her that her sister has been playing for a few years, she has only had lessons for four weeks. It took a little bit of convincing, but I think by the time she went home she understood. She really is one of the best beginners I have ever had and her future looks extremely bright! I need to help build that confidence up a little bit.

And then I got ready for the big event, "New Beginnings." Hours and weeks of practices and meetings were finally coming to a head. I got all dressed up and my family dropped me off. We ran through the number and I finally made the changes we had talked about on Sunday! Just look at the director! How simple and elementary! How did I not do that at first?! Hahaha. The girls were fantastic. I was truly so proud of them. And the comments I heard about the performance were awesome! Everyone was so excited about the new song and how upbeat and fun it was! And I heard a lot of comments from the adults that they thought it was cool that I was kind of groovin' with the music as I played. I couldn't play that song without feeling it--that's how I was playing it, by feel! And if I didn't move it was harder to feel the beat and where the syncopation should fall. And I didn't want to mess up because it would be blatantly obvious with the percussion section playing the same rhythm I was doing! Some parents told me it was like a rock star was playing on the piano. Someone told me it was like having Stevie Wonder on the piano! hahaha. I appreciated the comments.

The monster comes in and leaves
so quickly you can barely tell who it
is! Once in a great while you can catch a glimpse of a person. Or did you?

When I got home there were these two little babies playing their favorite game of The Blanket Monster! They even tried to surprise me while I was in the bathroom! And then it was time for bed! We had an early morning ahead of us!

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