Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soccer Wednesday

Wednesday was just another day. Wake up, take Sammy to school, pick up Sammy and have piano lessons. And try to clean the house up in between those things.

Piano lessons went great! My students are progressing and one of them even finished up their piano books! Wahoo! Level 1B here we come! I was really excited because we have been so close to passing these song for a while! We're free of those songs! Yes!

At 6pm, my sister, the official coach of Sammy's soccer team had a coach's meeting and brought along her assistant coach, Arnold! I am so excited that Addie will be coaching my boy! He is super excited and I know that Sammy will have a great experience with soccer and his first team sport! When the meeting was over we all went outside and played some soccer! Sammy was really happy to be playing and trying to do soccer drills but of course, like any other four year old, he wanted to do something else--such as playing catch! We had so much fun playing with Auntie and I am excited for soccer to start at the end of the month! I couldn't get over how big he looked playing with his soccer jersey on. He really wants to be #4!

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